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Who We Are

Software Updating  &  Data Compression  are our specialties.

We aim to provide you with all the software updating tools you need to incorporate, embedd and use along with your projects, making software updating feature as easy as calling a function.

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ZAXAO CORPORATION is a one step workshop for all your Software Updating needs!

Tell us about your project or software application and we will contact you with a quote!

Our Products

Our  SecureUPDATE  and  SecureDELTA  product lines are designed to implement various methodologies and software updating technologies

SecureUPDATE  suite of products implement folder based software updating methodologies and rely on

SecureDELTA  engines to implement per file software updating

Our Support Services

Customer Support

Purchase a Support Plan to get faster response(s) to your support incidents. Commercial software applications are required to provide a purchased support plan before accesing our support.

Online Documentation

All our products are fully documentated online. Search capabilities included! Our downloadable software packages include full help libraries!

Ticket Based Support

Open a ticket related to any issue, whether technical or simply feedback related. You may also attach files to help us solve the issue in a timely manner.

Our Support Prices


  • Fastest Response
  • Email Support
  • Ticket Based Support
  • Chat Support
  • 100 Incidents
  • Paid Yearly


  • Faster Response
  • Email Support
  • Ticket Based Support
  • Limited Chat Support
  • 30 Incidents
  • Paid Yearly


  • Fast Response
  • Email Support
  • 2 Incidents
  • Paid Yearly